Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Organizing Tips for Thanksgiving

This is the week to make final plans for Thanksgiving.  Next week begins the preparation.  As you get ready for the big day there are some good organizing tips to remember.
1.  Keep good records of your planning.  This is especially important if you are entertaining at your house.  If you use a computer, you can keep a folder just for this holiday and include files regarding guest list, menu, recipes, grocery list, decorations, time schedules,etc.  If you prefer paper files, create a master folder or notebook and have a section devoted to each of these items.
2.  Make notes as you prepare your house and meal.  I print out my menu, grocery list and recipes and make notes directly on them as I proceed throughout Thanksgiving week.  If I forgot something that should have been on the list, I write it in.  If I should have invited someone that I left off, I make a note of that, etc.
3.  After the celebration, I update my files to include my evaluation of what happened.  If I had too much turkey but not enough dressing, I make a note of it.  If I didn't allow enough time for the ham to cook, I note that on my time schedule.  Anything I can think of improving or changing is recorded on the files so that I won't make the same mistakes again.

Keeping good records, notes and updates now can save you time, money and energy the next time you have your Thanksgiving feast.

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  1. It is such a good idea to keep good records to help you plan next year! I always make notes on my recipes on how a recipe turned out and any changes I made to the ingredients list to help me the next time I make it. I mentioned this post in my roundup of helpful Thanksgiving information on my blog: http://lelahwithanh.blogspot.com/2009/11/organizers-blog-digest-thanksgiving.html

    Happy Thanksgiving!